Human capital management in a single application

Dayforce HCM is a powerful, cloud-based human capital management system that provides accuracy, agility and visibility for human resources management, workforce management, and talent management.


What's in Dayforce HCM?

Award-winning HR Software for Human Capital Management and Workforce Management

Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based application for human resources, workforce management, benefits, talent management, and payroll now available in Australia. A single HR software application across all domains of human capital management, Dayforce HCM provides you with unprecedented access to real-time HR data and results.

With one employee record, one user experience and no interfaces, you can find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrolment, maintain HR records, and schedule staff while enabling compliance.

Unprecedented access to real-time data and results across all HCM processe

Spend more time managing, less time tracking.

Automate employee time tracking, streamline timesheet maintenance, and simplify gross pay calculation. Dayforce HCM tracks time and attendance, such as hours worked against hours scheduled. Managers easily compare the two sets of time, correct inaccuracies, or enter missing time.

Mobile-friendly, Dayforce HCM enables managers to review, edit, and approve their employees' timecards without being confined to a back-office. When an employee forgets to punch out at the end of their shift, or punches in late for work, Dayforce HCM captures the exception for review. 

Spend more time managing, less time tracking

Manage a complex and dynamic workforce

Manage a complex and dynamic workforce

Take the guesswork out of labor planning and optimize coverage based on operational targets. Empower managers to respond to mid-week changes, and start proactively aligning rosters with budgetary guidelines and anticipated demand.

With Dayforce HCM, you can create budgeted, targeted and forecasted metrics to produce weekly labour plans, giving you detailed visibility into the KPIs most important to your organization. This enables you to align managers to your labour models throughout the entire roster planning process.

Maximize the value of your talent

Dayforce HCM helps you get the most out of your talent by enabling you to find, align and reward your people. Whether it's recruiting and onboarding new team members, assigning and aligning goals to company strategy, or awarding top performers, Dayforce HCM is a single source for engaging your people.

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